The Restoration Room


Bringing your treasured items back to life is our true passion.

 From forgotten about Jukeboxes to Barn Find Bar Billiards tables, our dedicated team respectfully and lovingly, restore your treasured items to their former glory.

Please find below examples of our recent restoration work.


This Lovely Bar Billiards Table arrived in a sorry state after residing in a barn for a number of years.

After an initial thorough clean and a little bit of remedial work, the table started to reveal its inner splendor.

A table of this age has a story to tell. Something that we kept in mind whilst deciding upon how far we wanted to strip back to finish. 

A few little bits left to do and then she will be off to a new home.  

The Super League - Serengeti 7ft Pool Table

“This once loved seven foot pool table was found, neglected in a chicken shed and was home to half a dozen free ranging hens.”

“Fortunately the main structure of the table was still salvageable, so we set to work.

Cleaned, rebuilt, wrapped in a textured tiger print finish and fitted with 2 internal speakers and  Bluetooth tuner amp, this table is a unique home entertainment centrepiece”.

“We nicknamed this table The Serengeti to reflect its wild side. However. You would be very luck to see a real Tiger roaming its plains“.